Tellybean, a prize-winning service

Tellybean Video Calling wins a prize in Philips Smart TV app competition! Tellybean was chosen as the second best Android TV app in a competition full of other great services and applications.

Philips TV today announced that Tellybean won second prize in its Smart TV app competition. Philips wanted to encourage app developers to come up with applications and services that make innovative use of the latest Philips Android TVs and all that the big screen has to offer. The competition entries were reviewed and the winners chosen by a professional jury consisting of industry experts.

In selecting Tellybean as one of the winners, the judges where “thoroughly impressed by the uniqueness and smoothness of the Tellybean app”. According to the judges the competition was tough, with a high number of great apps submitted to the competition.

We are both happy and proud to be acknowledged for our hard work to provide a great video calling service for Android TV users. Not only does the prize give great satisfaction for the whole team, but it also provides Tellybean with increased awareness among the owners of Philips TVs and helps more people start talking to their friends and family through the TV.

Tellybean would like to thank Philips for the acknowledgement and congratulations to the other contest winners and participants. Increasing the variety of apps and services available helps ensure the success of the Android TV platform.

We hope that we can give provide special moments for all new Tellybean users so they can meet their friends and family through the biggest screen in the home – their Philips TV!

You can get the prize-winning Tellybean app from this link in Google Play or try the web app from